When you have moon shaped eyes and a fist size stomach, you fill your plate with way more than you can eat.

By the time you reach half way through your meal, your stomach is three-quarters full. You begin your food strategy. Mission: clear this plate and make it to dessert. You’re thinking about the sweet potato pie and you’re rationing your bites. How many chews do you have until you reach the point of discomfort? Now, you’ve got this African dictator type of greed. You have this billion dollar Western world leader type of lust. There is a wealth of food on the table before you, and you want to taste it all. No, you’ve got to taste it all. Thanksgiving is like the one day you can relate to the people you despise the most — that 1%, who has it all, but still wants more. After literally stuffing yourself, you kind of get it. You understand how people can fall into the sins of overindulgence and nepotism. Because here you are with family and friends doing the most. You don’t agree, but you get it.

You started this day off with high anticipation. Now, you’re just trying to make it through. Trying to compress everything and make it fit. You can’t even eat anymore, but you pack a plate. No, you pack a tray because you want this to last way past today — at least 5 days after today. You are too full, but unfulfilled. Maybe next year, you’ll serve the hungry first.

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