This is a space where I write as if nobody is reading. I focus on Liberian girl born in America anecdotes because, who doesn’t love a great first generation story. I also talk a bit about fufu&soup because when I’m hungry I like to watch Tasty videos and reimagine them as African dish tutorials.

When I pitch stories to publications I take a lot into consideration. The audience. The subject matter. How the two coincide. Here, those things don’t matter. I can write about an overused topic or something nobody is concerned with. Also, I don’t have to worry about appealing to a larger audience because my mom, 2 aunts and a few friends from my school days are probably the only ones reading this. Let’s just be real. And even if many others decide to join in, this space is still an intimate setting. This is my free writing place. It’s less about me and more about my opinions, which are loosely based on being too African for America and too American for Africa. Welcome and enjoy!

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