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I’ve grown up in the Christian faith. However, the older and more experienced I become, the more I see the many flaws in Christian ideologies and doctrines. Out of all the Christian ideas, none challenges me more than the Christian idea of marriage.

The Christian idea of marriage shackles husbands and wives together for a lifetime of happiness or hell because “God hates divorce.” At least, that’s what Christians are told. While, this idea might be true, I know God loves people more than He hates divorces.

Divorce does not equal failure. Sometimes people make decisions that feel right, at the time, but turn out to be wrong. Staying in an unhappy marriage is like forcing a circle into a square and pretending the pieces match. As convincing as some couples can be, it takes way too much unnecessary work to live out the “idea” of a marriage.

As the product of a “broken” home, the best thing my mom could have done was leave my dad and his mistresses in the dust. Likewise, my dad’s open affairs were his most honest and genuine ways to show my mom that he was not husband material. Maybe, sister wives material, but certainly not the man for a traditional marriage. Even The Church of Satan’s head priest could have seen that my parents were not a match made in Heaven. My parents did the right thing, separating. Still, some people might see their choice as a failure.

What God has put together, let no man take a part. That’s a beautiful idea. The thought that God designed the man or woman you’ve committed your whole life to especially for you. Then, there’s the reality. Is the person you chose also God’s choice for you?

So, when we put ourselves together, ignoring all reasonable doubts, it’s up to us to take ourselves a part and make room for what God truly wants in our lives. I think leaving the person you chose in order to find real love and joy is not an unforgivable crime.

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