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It’s totally natural for someone to brag about their own culture and background. I do it all the time, but when a foreigner does it, that’s a whole ‘nother  confirmation. Here are five solid moments when people from other countries have said, ” Liberia. You. Are. The. Shit!”

 1. BEST FOOD: Calypso Rose “Pepper Soup”  TOBAGO (WEST INDIES)

(Image: Libfood.com)

This Soca/Calypso singer made an entire ode to Liberia’s food and it’s famous Pepper Soup. She sings, Especially if you like to eat/ Liberian food is so sweet.” Plus the food was so good it confused her. She literally couldn’t escape it, You can’t sit down/ you can’t lie down/ you can’t turn round … You can’t get away/ you just have to stay. This song alone solidifies Liberia’s place among the world’s top cuisines.

2. BEST WOMEN: Michael Jackson Liberian Girl– USA

I don’t know what this  mysterious Liberian girl did to The King of Pop. Whatever it was, it changed his world, just like in the movies and he loved her. He did not want Dirty Diana. Billie Jean was not his lover. The Liberian girl, however … she had his heart. This is just one of the many proofs that Liberia has some of  the best women.

(Image: Secretofdd.com *note: this is not Michael Jackson’s Liberian girl, but Deddeh Howard is a dope LIB chic nonetheless.)

3. BEST CHANGE MAKERS:Nobel Peace Prize Committee – NORWAY

In 2011, Liberia had two of the best peace activists — Leymah Gbowee and Africa’s first elected female president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. In the award’s 116 year history, only 40 countries have recipients. Liberia is one of those countries and it’s one of only five African countries to have a Nobel Peace Prizewinner.

(Image: Nobelpeace.org)

4. BEST SURF BEACHES: Everyone From Everywhere

(Image: Alphansa Appleton)


The Time’s 2014 Person of the Year honor went to the Ebola Fighters. A majority of those heroes were Liberians. Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friend. In this case many Liberians came together and made the ultimate sacrifice.  These sacrifices show the compassion and strength of Liberians. Another example of how Liberia has some of the best people in the world.

(Image: Times.com)

Liberia has its share of problems, yet there are many moments when the Lonestar nation shines. I could go on, but I just listed five because sometimes it’s good to take a quick break and remember awesomeness.


In 1995 George Weah won the FIFA World Player of the Year award. He was the first and is the only African to accomplish this. That same year he also won the European and African Player of the Year title. Weah’s 1995 triple decker accomplishment makes Liberia home to one of the world’s greatest athletes.

(Image: Getty Images)

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